Kramer Bridge Adoption

The Quail Creek neighborhood association has partnered with the city's Neighborhood Partnering Grant to receive needed sidewalks in exchange for having volunteers paint bridges within the neighborhood. You can read more about the project here. North Austin Civic Association, Rundberg Rising, and Paint the '58 have also contributed to the project.

One bridge along Kramer needed an adopter and North Austin Creatives stepped up!

Last Sunday, Caro DuBois of Quail Creek and Claire Simmons of NAC primed the bridge. This Sunday, Caro and Claire returned along with Lisa Busset, Lisa Onland, and Clarissa Cochran to paint. Some stencils made at ATX Hackerspace allowed us to quickly outline the design.

We gathered donated paints from members and neighbors. After laying out the colors, we all got to work painting! We even had a neighbor come by and help with her daughter!

A couple hours later, we had both sides of the road finished! Great job, team!

NAC Give Back!

The North Austin Creatives group is proud to host our Holiday Art Supply Drive! So far, we've collected various new art supplies and raised over $250 to purchase supplies. We are benefiting needy art students at Lanier High School. You can learn more and donate here: 

NAC Group Show Submissions NOW Open! - November 13th DEADLINE

We are now accepting submission for our first NAC Group Show!


Want to display your work with the rest of your fellow North Austin Creatives in a local business?

Submit pieces for an upcoming group show:

Submission Deadline: November 13th, 2016

Work should be available between November 29 and January 1st.

Instructions for Submitting:

1. Complete this submission form

2. Submit images for up to three works. Please submit a maximum of three images for each work by emailing:

Images should have following file name format: 


Thanks for participating and we look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Rundberg Summer Camp

North Austin Creatives was approached by the Council on At-Risk Youth to present classes for it's pilot summer camp at Dobie Middle School. 7 of our members created classes specifically for this camp. 

Our Vice Chair, Nick Barreiro presented the first class in which children drew and cut stencils from paper plates. They then used these stencils to paint on Saltillo tile. 

North Austin Creatives Treasurer, Claire Simmons, taught the children how to design, cut, sew and stuff their own monsters.

Gaby Hernandez taught the children how to sculpt with clay.

Laura Boehm showed the children how to hand stitch and embroider.

Joe Lee, the photographer responsible for our website photos and video, taught photography.

Noel Kalmus taught the children to make comic books.

Holly Edwards taught the children to tempera paint.

As you can see, these kids had a BLAST and the volunteers who are still smiling! 
THANK YOU to all of our volunteers! You are what makes North Austin CREATIVE!

Health & Community Resource Fair

Our Founder and Chairman, Stuart Wallace, helped the community create a mural on the outside wall of a building.

I got there a little after the fair started, and the mural had already started to take shape.

Stuart paints the hands of participants, they place their hand inside the stencil, and the final mural is the combination of the community's handprints forming one large hand. 

I had a great time! I hope everyone else did, too.