All Board members must:

  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives
  • Work outside listed specifications to complete quarterly group goals

Technology & Social Media Chair: OPEN - Email to apply

  • Evaluate technology efforts and assess current needs

  • Develop a social media action plan with specific and measurable objectives and goals

  • Manage and assign accountability for the various components of the technology plan, such as website and social media development, email list management, database management, desktop publishing, and strategies that ensure data can be reused properly

  • Work with other Board Members and Committees to understand ongoing technology needs and make recommendations for changing practices to improve overall capacity in advance of the mission

Secretary: Claire Simmons

  • Attend all Group meetings
  • Make meeting appointments and post to media
  • Finalize agenda with Board Chair
  • Present status of open items from previous meeting
  • Announce upcoming events involving members
  • Takes notes at meetings
  • Ensure the accuracy and safety of all Board records and post to media
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Chair in the absence of the Board Chair and Vice Chair
  • Drafts outgoing communication, such as press releases and grants
  • Coordinates volunteers
  • Ensures advertising of events, with Vice Chair, in digital and print media

Treasurer: Claire Simmons

  • Understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations
  • Present the annual budget to the Board for approval
  • Keep monthly status reports of current balances and budgets
  • Present most important information at Member meetings

Fundraising Chair: Dimitri Gudgenov

  • Secure corporate and private sponsors by collaborating with Secretary
  • Manage spreadsheet of current, past, and possible sponsors
  • Set fundraising tiers and corresponding benefits
  • Organize and oversee fundraising aspects of events
  • Work with the Treasurer on details of expenses and revenue
  • Manage promotional material procurement, inventory and sales
  • Provide updates to the Board and Group